The Oasis

The Oasis album name is something different from the other tracks I've made in the past. Voyeur and Alchemy speak out a further communication between futuristic and connecting to another dimension through your speakers. 


Alchemy is the one that made the album name come into meaning. The track is different from the other records I have made in the past; that is where I went to a point where I asked myself: "How can I make this track even better? How can I communicate from the future to the present time? What sounds does hallucination of the aurora make out of the universe?"  That is where the lead progressions began to get creative on the synthesizer and arpeggiator. The outcome has this true purpose of deep house music, connecting you through the 22nd-century sounds from the legendary Roland 808 drum machine that's rich and sharp. The aurora came out, first hearing the futuristic lush synths that will immerse you in a trance with your speakers' bass, lasting you with generating air from another dimension to surmise what life feels like in the year 2100.


Voyeur, in particular, speaks out on a utopian scenery where everything is perfect with no explanation. With this track, you can buy and catch a flight into somewhere that makes you feel happy, like a beach or anywhere that makes you feel free. The percussions and bongos that have spaced out around your stereo speakers, along with house music and chill-out music fusion, fulfill it even better for mixing-wise.

Inspiration pictures of creating the visuals for ‘Alchemy’

Now released Release Date: December 3rd, 2021



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