indigos paradise

Raw, Quixotic, and Redolence is what indigos paradise creator Brian delivers to your ears. Brian is a 20-year-old independent musician who blends minimal house, dub-techno, and house through one electronica field. His release 'The Oasis' sets out a completely distinct sound from his other records. His concept is "communicating between the futuristic and connecting to another dimension through your speakers," creating an aurora-like feeling of what "life feels like" living in the year 2100. Brian experiments out an energetic fusion between bass, high-fidelity sound design, and visual-telling track titles of his work. His outside interest is in fashion.

“The ambience of a city — the apartment blocks with glowing windows, the brake lights flashing in the rain, the parades of people on the pavement, umbrellas, dog-walkers, stairs down to metro stations, neon eateries — is at the heart of the imagery conjured by 'Underground' by Boston-based indigos paradise.” ~ yes/no

“A great find that expands on the classic house sound into heady realms.” ~ Tome to the Weather

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