indigos paradise creator Brian is a nineteen-year-old musician who combines minimal house, dub-techno, and house; in the electronica field. Both albums extraterrestrial and Silk accumulated 4 million streams on Spotify as an independent musician. His music brings out an eclectic fusion of underground deep-house, creating visual imagery and a studious aesthetic to the electronic scene.
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indigos paradise
"Indigos Paradise is the brainchild of an eighteen year old producer named Brian. He has just released a new single called Arlene which I found quite cool. The single is filled with droning synths, a muffled kick and plenty of other interesting little variables." ~ The Sound Sniffer
"Leakage is a pretty exquisite experiment in filtering classic House created Roland 808 through the prism of the outre and ambient leaning Deep House of the last decade." ~ Tome to the Weather Machine